Environmental Benefits of Smash My Trash

The service provided by Smash My Trash provides a direct, measurable, and meaningful reduction in greenhouse gas emissions including Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Large Particulates and Fine Particulates.

Verified Environmental Benefits Delivered to Clients

A third-party objective assessment by Trinity Consultants verified that the Smash My Trash service directly reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions and other pollutants. These Annual reductions in pollutants attributed to Smash My Trash are:

  • 53.6 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • 86,800 pounds of Carbon Monoxide (CO)

These benefits are the same as saving

  • 2.7 million gallons of gasoline, OR
  • Removing 5,300 cars from the road, OR
  • Powering more than 4,700 homes for a year

Real Environmental Results

To better understand the environmental benefits of our service, Smash My Trash partnered with Trinity Consultants, a leading and highly respected independent environmental agency. Utilizing the U.S. EPA’s Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator, or MOVES, and similar modeling, Trinity confirmed that Smash My Trash significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

Trinity found that Smash My Trash helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions three ways:

Reduce waste hauling

Our proprietary mobile waste compaction service reduces the volume of waste in a dumpster by as much as 70%. This allows more material to be added before the dumpster is hauled and reduces the number of waste hauling trucks on the road.

Employ Clean Technology

Our Smash Trucks™ are all new, equipped with the latest fuel efficiency technology, and qualify as California Certified Clean Idle vehicles.

Decrease the need for landfill space

By compacting waste efficiently, the material that is hauled takes up less space in landfills.

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